• Our team is now crystal clear on our goals, their roles and fully accountable – they are invigorated and empowered as a result, which is exactly what we needed and wanted. Thank you!”

    “For me the concept of Management Training conjures up images of PowerPoint presentations and corporate theory that is mostly irrelevant and difficult to apply to niche sectors such as the Superyacht industry. To my relief and surprise Liberation International’s workshops were the complete opposite – the themes covered were broad enough to apply to any sector whilst the techniques we were taught were highly specific and effective. The 3-day ‘Building a High Performance Team’ workshop is quite unconventional, there is a lot of interaction and a strong sense of team building.  Instead of focusing on gimmicky business techniques, the focus is on human nature  - how to understand your colleagues’ and clients’ behavior and how to adapt and control your own to be the best you can in any situation. It is also a very open and healthy platform for raising challenges the company as whole is facing as well as individual key players within. This training would be hugely relevant and beneficial to any yacht crew, where working in very close proximity to your colleagues 24/7 is the norm and being effective as a team and the best you can be at all times is essentially what the job is all about.
    The best part of the ‘Building a High Performance Team’ workshop is without a doubt that it can be applied in any context, professional and personal, this makes it both highly interesting and relevant to each and every person participating, whatever their position in the company and whatever their skills or personality. Everyone took something away from the 3 day workshop and has applied it to their professional and personal life. The accumulation of everyone in the senior management team at Y.CO  making easy but effective positive changes has had a ripple effect and is felt and mirrored throughout the whole of the company
    Matthew’s “Creating Clarity” workshop is largely based on common sense, he forces you to step out of the day to day running of the company and see the wood rather than the trees. He leads and prompts you to identifying your company’s challenges and solutions yourself. Simply put, he makes you address what you already know are the problems, break them down into manageable pieces and create a very simple and effective game plan for resolving them.
    As a company we were lacking clarity, our goals and objectives which had been so clear at the outset had gradually become foggy and diluted to the wider team as the company went through a very rapid and significant growth spurt. As a smaller company communication between team members was strong and easy allowing us to enjoy very flexible roles which worked well to ensure all bases were covered at all times. However we quickly became a much larger company, communication was weakened and flexible roles were suddenly hugely inefficient; people lacked clarity and accountability. The Building a High Performance Team program allowed us to re-energize and re-focus our heads of department and give them the tools to do the same within their teams, whilst the Creating Clarity program gave the Executive Team a very clear set of objectives and road map to achieving the goals we have set ourselves for the next four years. Our team is now crystal clear on our goals, their roles and fully accountable – they are invigorated and empowered as a result, which is exactly what we needed and wanted. Thank you!”.

    Senior Management Team Member at Y.CO

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Kevin Meenan QFA FLIA, Financial Planner at Zurich, Ireland

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