• "Saying that the work I have been doing with Matthew has changed my life both professional and personal, is not a euphemism"

    "I met Matthew during a “talent pool” training (Academy) in my current company. Matthew did a course on the way to make a good presentation front of senior management. He interacted with the whole group with so much energy and passion that I was blown away. Not only my feedback but the feedback from all the members of the Academy was really good. The advice of Matthew were fruitful as I was responsible for one of the best presentations.

    I quickly understood the power of the knowledge that Matthew has to share as well as the positive energy he spreads in people’s minds. Matthew works with my company and I did not find one person who does not talk highly about him and his work. Therefore, I was pleased when Matthew accepted to become my coach, amazing experience that has lasted for the past months. His dynamism, his energy, his generosity and his passion to improve my approach to life and work have been outstanding.

    Matthew carefully listens to what you have to say, guides you, makes you feel comfortable during the coaching sessions, never gives up on you, is always here when you need support and finally makes you find your own enlightened path. Matthew shares with you his knowledge and feeds your reflection with concrete examples you can’t forget. He also spends time with you face to face to show you techniques to improve the way your brain answers in certain circumstances. His thought provoking approach to any problem / decision moves internal psychological barriers. With Matthew, I finally understand what self-awareness and self-control mean. Each of the coaching sessions face to face or by phone added value, Matthew is effective and won’t make lose your time, quite the opposite!

    Beyond the immeasurable knowledge of Matthew and his many techniques, the way that he interacts with you makes all the difference. Matthew is the most generous, heart-warming, inspiring and emotionally intelligent person I had the chance to meet in my life. He knows exactly what distance to put between you and him so you have the space to learn, to try, to experience and to grow.

    Saying that the work I have been doing with Matthew has changed my life both professional and personal, is not a euphemism. The coaching work has exceeded my expectations and has participated in my development. Quantitatively, I received a big promotion at work and even more importantly, the people who gravitates around me are seeing the positive changes. I would highly recommend Matthew for courses or for coaching to anyone who wants to make the most of his life both professionally and personally."

    Valérie Guillebert
    April 2016

    Valérie Guillebert, European Supply Chain Planner at Rexam

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Brendan Shepherd, Branch Manager at dfs

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