• "One word that best describes the LI experience is “Enlightenment”. The rest is up to you. I highly recommend it."

    "To whom it may concern
    The Pacific team had the great pleasure of being the first yacht crew to experience the Liberation International treatment. Without doubt it was a hugely enlightening process and above all else fun.

    Before the eye rollers (myself included) get too carried away, with the “oh no, not another team building outfit”, I would absolutely recommend that you take a minute and meet Matthew and Nigel in person and then make an informed decision. It will be time well spent. I know, as I was the biggest skeptic.

    We are a year and half down the line from the experience, with a few crew changes since then including some senior HOD’s. The ethos from the experience is still with us and I know the crew that have left have taken it with them.

    I have been involved in various, life coaching, team building, management training schemes over the years, ranging from the military to high end business. I have been both a trainer and trainee in a lot of the situations. Liberation Internationals approach was a completely different angle and the majority of its success I would put down to Matthew and Nigel’s ability to communicate and engage us. They adapted very well to our environment as it was also a learning curve for them, with the seafarers unique situation of not only working together but living together in close quarters and not “going home at 5 pm “ to off gas and destress.

    I have thought very long and hard about how to describe the Lib Int experience, to just class it as a management training, team building gig is not correct as it is so much more, the goals are similar in that we all want to be better crew members, managers and humans, and to be more sensitive to our actions and how they affect our workmates. I found it was much more about me as an individual and taking a really good look at myself, no matter how good or bad I thought I was, it was like a self-assessment and how I personally can make a really big difference by making tiny changes and adjustments to the way I go about things, not just for the group benefit, but mine as well.

    The feedback I have from the team is the same, from the most junior crew member right through each department. Imagine the effect on our daily life onboard as a 28 member family when all of us make our own tiny adjustments. The overall gains have been massive. I have found that most importantly since the experience, it has had a profound effect on my whole life not just my work.

    Ultimately like any experience, good or bad, it is up to the individual to take and make the most of the lessons learnt.

    One word that best describes the LI experience is “Enlightenment”. The rest is up to you. I highly recommend it."

    Dave Broome
    May 2016

    Dave Broome, Captain at M.Y. Pacific

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