• "I left the course more inspired and confident than at any other time of my life."

    "I had never heard of Liberation International or Matthew Snaith before so was unsure what to expect from the 5-day train the trainer session. The first thing that grabbed me was the shear enthusiasm level the course was delivered with, you couldn'’t help but get swept along with it. Along with the pace at which the course was delivered yet the amount of information I could retain. I must admit I was concerned early on in the course whether I could deliver the course material up to Matthew’s standards, however as the 5-days progressed not only was I learning the course but growing in knowledge and confidence.

    I have been lucky in my career and have worked with many inspirational people but what Matthew achieved in those 5 days was above and beyond anything I have ever come across before. He doesn’t just say the words, he lives and breathes what he says which is very rare in the world we live in today. I left the course more inspired and confident than at any other time of my life.

    The course content and objectives were clear in my mind and what we wanted to achieve by the end of the course roll out was a clear goal in my mind. One area as a company we struggled with in the past was getting the buy in from the top people in the company first before the customer facing staff. So often our hard work with our sales people could be undermined by managers and area managers. I was so pleased when Matthew showed us the roll out plan all the managers and area managers would go on the course first it was so important to making it all work. There was a gap between the sales force workshops and managers courses where the managers were so blown away with the course they too were building anticipation of the courses before we had started to deliver them.

    My preparation to deliver the REACH programme to our staff was well planned by Matthew. The 5-day course, CD’s to listen to in the car, trainers notes and access to Matthew by phone at any point to give advise and tips. So going into deliver the first course I couldn'’t of been better prepared. I felt more confident than I have ever felt in my 30 years at work.

    I have worked in Learning and development for over 10 years and I can honestly say I have never delivered a course that has received such fantastic feedback as the REACH programme has. We delivered more information on a 2-day course than we used to in 8 days, but more inspiring than that every one enjoyed it and retained more information.

    Comments on feedback sheets like “I feel this course has changed my life not just my job” and “It’s the first time in 15 years I have ever been on a course and can remember everything we covered”. Even people I have had on courses before who I know hate being on courses and being out of the showroom were bowled over by what they had got from the course. I have had over 400 feedback forms back in and not one has got anything other than positive feedback.

    The buzz and messages we delivered on those 2-day workshops are still in our stores today 4 years after the main roll out. Our team, when I see them months/years later can still remember the course content now.

    More importantly how we look after out customers and the value in extra turnover from recommendations for years to come will benefit us all. Not just words but measurable in facts and figures.

    So what would I say to other companies considering using Matthew Snaith’s services? I don’t know how much we paid Matthew but in 30 years of working with Olympic gold medalists, round the world sailors and many more famous people, I would exchange them all in a blink to work with Matthew and Liberation International.

    Matthew doesn'’t just create a warm feeling on the day that’s lost a week later. He changes peoples for life. He has made learning fun again. Fun to deliver but more importantly fun to learn. Learning that stays embedded in people’s minds and actions. My words cannot do justice to what Matthew has achieved with out L&D department but more importantly with our 900 team members. Thank you!"

    Nick Major, Learning & Development Consultant at dfs

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