Client: Multi-national Manufacturing Company
Program: Building a High-Performance Team - 3 days (May 2016)
Location: Chicago, USA
Participants: 12 (including VP Sales & Marketing; Director of Sales and Senior Sales Team)

We have just returned from Chicago where we delivered a 3-day 'Building a High Performance Team' program to a newly formed senior Sales Team. The focus was on building a cohesive, high-performing sales team with a shared vision and unique team identity, brand and culture and to leave them inspired, energised and committed to team success.

In the week following the program we received some amazing and unprompted feedback from the team. Below are some one-liner  extracts that we at Liberation are extremely proud of!

The team was completely amazed by the training (knew they would be)! JN (27 years in sales)...walked me to my car yesterday and said "that was the best training of my life".  The young guys have sent me notes saying "this has changed my life".  I'm so grateful that you agreed to come to Chicago and time it up with our training schedule...I'll never forget that gesture.

"I am so grateful for the valuable & truly inspiring experience. Your understanding & ability to articulate the very delicate and important lessons around communication (and heck, life!) are impressive. I know I am a better person for having spent 3 days with you." " I left your training "feeling dangerous" as I say sometimes ... with all these new "weapons" to use in this crazy world we live in! But hey no one said it was going to be fair ... Thank you again Matthew, I cannot say enough how fantastic the training was for me."

"Thank you for the tremendous experience this week. It was very enlightening and I even went so far to say to a couple of friends it was life changing."

"I talked to at least 5 people about my experience. It is if a light bulb has gone off. I wish I had your workshop years ago. It would have been very helpful with the things that have gone on these past few years.....but that is past, today is today. One day does not make a life time, but if I do not continue to use the tools you have opened my eyes to, then that is my own fault. That is the biggest thing I took away. It is my choice to be who I want to be. Thank you."

"I have been inspired and touched and have a new fresh outlook on my future. Thank you again. It has been a pleasure."

"I previously was employed for 27+ years at a major global telecommunication company, including 10 years in management. I attended numerous training classes/sessions including many based on Stephen Covey, Effective Listening, etc, but NEVER have I attended or gotten as much from one of those training experiences as I did from the one in Chicago!"

"Matthew did such a great job engaging and communicating with the team! I never expected to gain so much, in such a short time! Thank You for the opportunity!"

"Thank you again for the fantastic training and time spent with our team. The information you shared in such an entertaining and effective way will be invaluable as I apply my new understanding of the brain to my personal and professional life."

"I want to thank you again for making this training one of the best I have attended. You gave me much to think about and good tools to live and work by."

"I certainly enjoyed the insight you brought to us as a group as well as myself individually . Too bad I didn't have this much sooner as my career is winding down. I will certainly put this to use."

"The information that you have shared with us last week, I found to be very entertaining and informative. I have developed new tools and techniques that I will use in both my professional and personal life, my wife has noticed a dramatic difference in me since returning."

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"We saw engagement levels rise, NPS climb by double digits and numerous team members talk about the impact this work had on them personally. 
I would recommend anyone looking to grow their people, their business and themselves to begin a dialogue with Matthew and his team.  It will be the best use of time and funds you'll ever make."Read more ...

Terry Connolly, Market Leader at Apple

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