It's been and exciting start to 2016.  We have been very busy visiting clients around the world delivering a diverse range of exciting change programs, executive coaching sessions and guest speaking appearances.  Here is a brief insight into some of the things we've been up to and what we have planned for the rest of the year and beyond.

Latest News for 2016

May 2016 - Chicago Program inspires team

We have just returned from Chicago where we delivered a 3-day 'Building a High Performance Team' program to a newly formed senior Sales Team of a multi-national manufacturing company.  The feedback we have received from the stakeholders has been fantastic!  

Read the full article and find out what our clients said about the experience.

May 2016 - Captain of Superyacht M.Y. Pacific talks about long-lasting impact of Program

In 2015 we delivered 2 bespoke team-building programs to the 28-strong crew of our first ever Superyacht out in stunning Costa Rica. A tough gig indeed.  Over 1 year on and the Captain of this magnificant 85m yacht reflects on his and the crews' experience and the positive effects the program is still having on the Team.

Read the full review.

Some of our Current Projects for 2016

Building a High-Performance Leadership Team - Executive Training & Coaching (Retail)

Our work continues with another highly-valued international retail client who are currently going through a period of unprecendented growth and with some extremely ambitious targets to meet in the coming years.  We recenly delivered a 3-day program to the senior leadership team focused on building a high-performance team equipped to meet te challenges ahead.  This is a tried and tested baseline program and is already having a substantial impact on the team's performance and results.  

We are now building on the core foundation program with a series of workshops that focus building an organisation that is much healthier in terms of Leadership, Clarity, Teamwork and Communication in order to create the conditions necessary for the company to thrive and grow as a unified team,  to deliver podium-levels of performance and to meet the challenges that lay ahead.

We also continue to work with each of the team on a 121 basis and look forward to seeing more fantastic results as the year unfolds!  

Communications & Change Program for Managing Change (Manufacturing)

2015/16 - The end of 2015 saw the start of a new project for us assisting a long-standing multi-national client manage a significant and lengthy period of change within the business.  We have designed a program of training and 121 coaching to assist the executive team to manage the transition in the most effective and positive way possible.  We have also been working closely with the HR team to roll out a similar program to the frontline teams.  

Developing Upcoming Talent (Manufacturing and Retail)

We have been heavily involved in developing and delivering a worldwide talent development program for some of our long-standing clients. We are seeing some incredible young people emerging as the true leaders of the future.   Nuturing such talent through training and coaching is is always hugely rewarding for us as well as the participants and the sponsors.

Read about the incredible impact a 3-month 121 coaching experience had on one of our clients here.

Mastering Communication for Persuasion Program (Manufacturing)

The end of 2015 saw us kick off another of our Mastering Communication for Persuasion programs to a group of Senior Managers.  This program is always enthusistically received and gets outstanding levels of buy-in and positive  transformation from even the most sceptical of participants.   As such this program continues to be in high-demand amoungst our clients.

Other Top Stories

Long-standing Client and Partner DFS swoop awards at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2015

One of the highlights of the year so far for us was our invitation to the UK Customer Experience Awards 2015 in London where one of our highly valued partner clients dfs won 2 awards.  

Liberation International was ackowledged as having played a key role in the achievement of these awards through the development and delivery of a cultural change program that tranformed the company from one with a purely sales orientated culture to one where the customer is at the heart of everything they do.  The program, which was created in partnership with our client nearly 5 years ago, is still alive and well and remains to this day a game-changing, ingrained philosphy that keeps driving NPS upwards all over the country and beyond!  We are hugely proud of the recognition we received for the key role we played in this incredibly successful cultural change.

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