We apply our communication models and methodology to transform the way your people communicate with each other and their clients.

Examples include:

  • Store Managers leading a cultural change in how their teams interact with their customers
  • Plant Managers who have to improve the levels of engagement with and commitment to Group Strategy from their teams in the plants
  • Salespeople for pensions and life assurance products seeking to improve their ability to build relationships with their customers
  • The global IT function of a category leading multinational that aims to improve on the communication and relationship building skills of its CIOs
  • R and D Engineers for a well known fizzy drink producer looking for a new perspective on creativity and innovation
  • Call centres aiming to drive higher Net Promoter Scores and sales
  • Television companies seeking to grow revenue and ratings
  • Inspiring hospital cleaners, porters and food service teams to engage with their patients and customers in a consistently positive manner

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What our clients are saying...

"Saying that the work I have been doing with Matthew has changed my life both professional and personal, is not a euphemism. The coaching work has exceeded my expectations and has participated in my development. Quantitatively, I received a big promotion at work and even more importantly, the people who gravitates around me are seeing the positive changes. I would highly recommend Matthew for courses or for coaching to anyone who wants to make the most of his life both professionally and personally."Read more ...

Valérie Guillebert, European Supply Chain Planner at Rexam

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