What is your brand?

When you walk in to a room of familiar people and they see you, what do they say to themselves?  Do they smile, frown, sigh?  When people you know pick up the phone and hear your voice or read your emails, how do they react?  And, what do people say about you when you are not there?  

These are the things that your personal brand can and will impact all the time. 

The importance of creating a powerful 'personal' brand

Your brand is your most precious resource and most helpful differentiator.  How people ‘feel’ around you will have a massive impact on your ability to build better relationships and become a more powerful influencer.

We have worked with numerous blue chip brands around the globe and have marveled at the effort and focus they put in to creating, enhancing and leveraging their brands.

They understand the long-term value that the brand delivers and how it cuts through all the noise in their crowded market places resulting in a sustained distinctiveness.

A brand works its magic on the unconscious mind. It primes us to be more disposed to its offerings and helps us to “feel” right when we think about it. It reduces risk and effort in decision-making and in short is a delight for our lazy brains.

Just as with Apple, Sony, Mercedes, Louis Vuitton, you too are a brand. When people see you, hear your voice and interact with you, they will respond emotionally in the same way that they respond to brands. If your brand is effectively communicating the right messages, more people will buy-in to you, and if it isn’t, less people will.

What to expect

Over the 3 days, I will share with you 20 years of experience from all around the world about how to present and communicate your brand. I have had the opportunity to work closely with leaders from the world of business, sport and the media and have seen first-hand how they shape their brands to gain competitive advantage.  

In this fun, fast-paced 3-day adventure you too can learn how to model what the best do and apply their secrets to building Brand YOU.  

So, come and spend 3 days with us, invest that small amount of time to focus on building a personal template that you can fashion the rest of your life around.

Outcomes for you

You will leave the program:

  1. Inspired and motivated to make positive changes in your life
  2. Feeling happier, healthier and wealthier
  3. More confident in yourself and your future
  4. Empowered to move forward and meet the challenges in your life
  5. With the ability to manage your emotions and choose how you want to respond
  6. With more tools to influence yourself and others
  7. More confident and skillful in communicating and building relationships with others
  8. With a clear set of goals in the different areas of your life, short, medium and long-term
  9. With a template for Brand YOU

Who will benefit?

This is an open program and can be applied to anyone who is committed to living a more complete, happier, healthier and wealthier life. If you want to take charge of your own brain, to begin the lifelong process of deliberately and consciously creating your own identity, Brand YOU, then this event is for you.

If you would like to enjoy more connection with other people, to take opportunities to make a greater contribution back to society or simply to change your mindset and live for the moment, then this event is for you.

Company owners, CEOs, Salespeople, HR Professionals, L and D Specialists, Engineers, IT Specialists, Financial Services, Lawyers, Medical Practitioners, Media Professionals, Sportspeople, Politicians, Parents, Couples, anyone can and WILL benefit from this life-changing experience. 

And, how will this benefit your life?

What you learn over this 3-days you can apply to any and all areas of your life:

  • Your relationships with your family, loved ones and friends
  • Your professional relationships
  • Your physical and mental health, fitness and vitality
  • The levels of happiness, pleasure, fun and wellbeing that you consistently enjoy
  • Your career and professional development
  • Your hobbies and interests

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"It will break down what you think you know and then rebuild it to much bigger than it was."Read more ...

Andrew Wilson, Senior Sales Consultant at Sofa Workshop

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