Moving your NPS stats in the right direction and getting them to stay there is critical to future sales growth and customer engagement. We have delivered projects for international retailers like Vodafone, dfs and Currys and PC World.

1000's of people have been through our programs designed to make an immediate, positive and lasting impact on customer recommendations.

So, Customer care is as important as ever, if not more so, and yet sometimes it feels as we have gone backwards.  Maybe this is just perception and expectations, it doesn’'t really matter.  What we need to get even better at is making sure that our 50,000 moments of truth, those myriad interactions between our teams and our customers, are as exceptional as possible, and that each one makes a deposit in our corporate emotional bank accounts.

Despite it being easy to describe, customer care is still not a given in many organisations.  It really needs to be.  Genuine and excellent customer care earns loyalty above and beyond the call of duty, it builds trust, it creates promoters of your organisation, and leverages the most powerful persuasion channel of all – what other people say about you.

We therefore offer a range of interventions covering the strategic, systemic and cultural issues in becoming a more customer-focused organisation to the operational realities of training your people how to execute even better customer care in each and every interaction.

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"He simply shows that training courses and coaching can and do have lasting impact, that you can be the change you seek and through the tools he encourages you to use daily, he lives in our business long after the programmes and coaching have finished."Read more ...

Nikki Rolfe, Group HR Director at Rexam, UK

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