Whether it be coaching your people to deliver programs to the frontline or simply transferring our know-how to your organisation, our coach-the coach programs are awesome, just ask our clients. Liberating, mind-blowing and highly effective!

We have learned from experience that the best way to make the training and changes stick after the initial intervention is to internalise them inside the customerÂ’'s organisation.  

We are experts on change and OD and have years of know-how that we can share with you to execute the changes you want more effectively.   And you are the experts of your organisations. We are always looking to work closely with your HR teams and your Learning and Development people because they are the functions uniquely tasked with expediting change.  

Whether it be coaching your people to deliver materials we have designed for you, or our people delivering your materials, all that matters to us is that together we deliver outstanding results, and together we can be the best we can be.

We have used the coach-the-coach / advocacy model in organisations such as Vodafone, Digicel, Currys and PC World, Compass, Medirest, Zurich and DFS. The process involves much more than the transfer of course content and structure.

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"I would encourage anybody who has the opportunity to work with Liberation to do so and can assure them it will be a life changing experience, as it certainly has been for me."Read more ...

Caroline Gascoigne, Group Admin Trainer at dfs

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