One of the most common requests we get from different clients all around the world is for our help in working with their people to develop their influencing skills.  This seems to reflect a pattern in many industries and sectors for promoting people based on industry specific technical competence.  

As people get higher up the ladder, the more they discover the issues they face are of a more political and emotional nature.  Power has to be used as an influencing tool and there is a premium on being able to persuade people rather than muscle them.

To become more effective at influencing and persuading you need to know more about yourself and more about other people; how we really make decisions, the role of the unconscious mind, the impact of emotions on decisions and so on.

Our influence and persuasion programs are the best in category and will hugely benefit anyone who attends. 

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What our clients are saying...

"Having over 30 years experience in Leadership roles at large multi-national companies such as Pepsico, Honeywell and Rexam, I have benefited from many courses and seminars on Leadership and Communication. I can confidently say that the three days spent with Matthew during the "Communicating a Winning Message" session was the most impactful that I have experienced."Read more ...

Gary Clark, Vice President of Operations at Rexam Beverage Cans Europe and Asia at Rexam

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