The funny thing about creativity is it doesn't exist. It's an abstract noun that we use to describe a process, the process of being creative. And the great thing about that is that everyone has the capacity to be creative.

Once you are clear about this, it's about creating the conditions that are most likely to be helpful in being more creative. Our programs seek to create those conditions and to unleash a wave of energy and belief that individuals and teams can harness to be more creative and innovative.

Over the years we have worked with teams of people from organisations like Bosch, Rexam and Pepsico and have made a lasting impact on the people who attended. Whether it be a one hour TED style talk on creativity or a 1-2 day program, our approach to creativity is totally unique, engaging and effective.

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"Matthew ranks in the top people who have had a positive influence on my life. His positive attitude is infectious; his skills and ability surpass anyone I have ever met in his field. His training programs will ensure your business improves both morale and profits! "Read more ...

Claudea Demetriou, Owner / Managing Director at iDea Ltd

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