From owners of large private Groups through to CEOs and their Boards and on to the Managers that report to them, we have had the pleasure of helping 1000's of Leaders and Managers to improve and deliver better results.
We specialise in assisting individuals to carve out and shape their own personal mission and vision, aligned with the organisation, and offer them the tools and know-how to build their own brand as a Leader/Manager.

Our Leadership workshops are designed around a set of beliefs, attitudes, skills and behaviours that have been modelled from the best.

Inspired by great organisational leaders and thinkers like Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, Warren Buffett, Sir Clive Woodward, Shane Sutton, Anne Mulcahy and Sheryl Sandberg, we have developed a range of products that you can use to nurture
and develop your leadership talent at all levels.

From short and punchy conference style speeches to full blown development programs running over months, we offer a wide variety of interventions to help you to get the most from your leaders.

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"I would encourage anybody who has the opportunity to work with Liberation to do so and can assure them it will be a life changing experience, as it certainly has been for me."Read more ...

Caroline Gascoigne, Group Admin Trainer at dfs

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