Training and coaching do not happen in a vacuum and neither does developing your organisation as a whole. In order to build a winning organisation that sustains this mindset into the future, it is necessary to design the cultural architecture to allow it to grow.

This means understanding your organisation in terms of the overall internal system and how this interacts with other systems in the external environment.

We specialise in organisational development, and in aligning our training and coaching with other key variables that make up a winning organisation. These include:

  • Setting a clear and shared direction: Mission, vision and values.
  • Recruiting, selecting and inducting new team members
  • Setting performance objectives and coaching
  • Measuring and managing their performance
  • Rewarding desired results, attitudes, skills and behaviours
  • Succession planning and creating an excellence machine

We can offer your organisation the necessary consultancy that will help you decide what is the most appropriate intervention for your organisation. By working through exactly what outcomes you want, we can help you design solutions that take you in precisely the right direction, in the most cost-effective way.

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What our clients are saying...

"Saying that the work I have been doing with Matthew has changed my life both professional and personal, is not a euphemism. The coaching work has exceeded my expectations and has participated in my development. Quantitatively, I received a big promotion at work and even more importantly, the people who gravitates around me are seeing the positive changes. I would highly recommend Matthew for courses or for coaching to anyone who wants to make the most of his life both professionally and personally."Read more ...

Valérie Guillebert, European Supply Chain Planner at Rexam

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