Leading and managing people can be a lonely business. It is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day detail of your role and responsibilities, and to take your eye of the big picture.  Thinking can get muddled, stress can take its toll and your attention can stray on to issues that you don'’t need to focus on.

This is where a good executive Coach comes in. We have worked 121 with many leaders across a range of industries, and we are able to build the trust necessary to coach effectively.  Our clients trust our integrity and our technical competence, and we have a track record of being able to influence leaders at all levels and in every function of the organisation.

We offer a variety of ways to do the coaching, whether it be face-to-face or over the phone / online-video coaching.  Moreover, the coaching may consist of a single one-off intervention or part of a more systematic, ongoing process of the development of your organisation and people.

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“I have been seeing/hearing your good influence on others this week ... Even those yet to take the course are finding the positive vibe refreshing.”Read more ...

Jonathan Miles, Global IM Analyst at IM Centre of Excellence, Rexam Global Shared Services

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